The Next Generation of Church Tech Personnel

Sound System.jpg

I had lunch with a good friend the other day, and he has agreed to teach an audio tech class to our older kids starting in January of 2018. It is our hope that several of those young students will get inspired with audio/visual technology in the church and decide to further develop their skills. The next generation of tech ministry personnel may come from this group of kids.

The teaching plan is to primarily focus on the audio side of church tech, but lighting and media may be covered as well, if time allows. We have several pieces of sound equipment sitting in a production closet that we use for various things throughout the year.  Starting with a small mixer, a couple of mics, a couple of speakers, and an amp, the class could easily cover the basics in a few weeks. Following this they could scale up to using more advanced equipment as time and student talent/interest allows. Iā€™m really excited about this new addition to our KWA ministry.