Multi-Generational Worship

Saving One 2.JPG

After weeks of rehearsals, the day finally came! At the beginning of our offering time of our second morning service yesterday, I quickly asked our Kids and Youth Worship Arts students to come to the platform. As students from all over the building poured into the isles, our youth narrators began to quote from Psalm 103. This was followed by four youth soloists singing verse one of the anthem. Then it happened. At a specific prescribed measure of the song, our combined Kid, Youth, and Adult Choirs began to fill our church with praise. It was glorious! What struck me was was not so much the quality of the singing, although I thought everyone did a outstanding job, rather, it was something much deeper. What we were expericing was a picture of what God desires of the church. From age 7 to age 70 worshippers and worship  leaders were uniting their voices together in praise. It was a wonderful taste of Heaven.