Purpose of KWA

Kids Worship Arts is a ministry of First Baptist Church, Corinth, Mississippi. Its purpose is to develop the next generation of kids to be life-long worshipers and worship leaders. It is a very hands-on ministry, and we believe strongly in the eternal value of every child. We work very hard to help our kids discover a passion for worship and also to help them develop skills in their areas of artistic interest. It is the church doing what it does best, as our various members pass along their skills and values to the next generation, so that they too can sing the praises of our awesome God. “One generation shall praise your name to the next.” Psalm 145:4

Resource for Others

The intent of this site is to be a resource for other churches who have a desire to deepen and/or enhance their children’s music ministry. Ours is not the only way of accomplishing this goal, merely one church’s journey. We are not trying to make clones of our ministry, rather we desire for this information to be an inspiration upon which other ministries can build. We would be honored if other churches find some value in the information contained in this site, modify it for their specific setting, and make it uniquely theirs.