We're Off and Running!


School has started back and we, too, are back into full swing around here with our Kids Worship Arts Ministry. For this semester, we are continuing our basic ministry structure. For the first 1/2 of our time, grades 1-6 are in a large room, and we do a lot of singing/worship discipleship. The tone is upbeat, and I really work hard at keeping things interesting.

For the second half of our time together, the first and second graders have a dedicated space and choir time. The third and fourth graders move upstairs for a music exploration class. Our fifth and sixth graders have a choice between handbells, sign language, and drama.

I'm in charge of the third and fourth grade breakout class this semester, but I'm got some awesome folks leading along with me. We are starting out with basic sight singing, garbage can drums, and baritone ukuleles. As the semester progresses we may add hand chimes, Boomwhackers, and mini-keyboards. We are basically just exploring various forms of music, as the "Music Exploration" name implies. The class is full and the kids seem to really be enjoying the journey. (As a matter of fact, we have so many kids in the class that we are having to divide them. While one group is doing ukuleles in one room, the other group is doing garbage can drumming in another. After a few minutes, the kids swap and experience the other instrument.)