Teaching Sight-Singing to Children

I purchased this book, 5 Wheels to Successful Sight-Singing, a few months back, and it has proven to be filled with down-to-earth advice on how to develop excellent sight readers. Its format is a bit different than most texts of this nature. It is presented as a fictitious narrative from the standpoint of a young teacher being mentored by a seasoned children's choir master. It is an interesting approach to keeping a potentially "dry" topic interesting to the reader.  My primary complaint with the text is the seemingly lack of interest in the concept of teaching the kids in our church choirs to become worshipers & worship leaders. However, the many choral technique tips I gleaned from these pages still made the read worthwhile. It has certainly inspired me to do more to teach my kids to become better musicians, and it has inspired me to utilize hymns as a significant means to accomplish this task.