Advanced Guitar Class

I had a great phone conversation with my baritone ukulele teacher today. I suggested that we might consider modifying his "advanced guitar" class from using ukes to using actual student guitars. He was excited about the idea. By using simple chords in the key of G (see the "Beginning Guitar" - October 1, 2016 post elsewhere in this blog), I'm confident that he'll be successful in this new direction of our ministry. We'll probably keep his class to no more than five students per semester. Our church already owns at least two student guitars, so I ordered three more. (I'm fond of the Yamaha JR2 models. These are 3/4 size guitars that are great for beginners.) We'll still offer the baritone ukuleles in a class at various times, but this will be for younger and beginner students.

As these guitar class kids graduate into our Youth Worship Arts Ministry, I look forward to building upon what KWA has taught them by periodically offering youth worship guitar classes. In addition, those interested in more extensive training can sign up for private lessons through our Worship Arts Academy. We already have several outstanding youth singers, and with this new emphasis within our ministry, I'm excited about the prospect of having an effective youth praise band within a few years as well.