Hand Chimes - Individually or in Chords

We use hand chimes in a couple of different ways in our ministry. Our adults handbell ringers use them as individual notes at times when the handbell music calls for variety.  With the kids, we often use the hand chimes in chord clusters. For example, C, E, G = group 1 (C major chord); F, A, C = Group 2 (F major chord); G, B, D = group 3 (G major chord). I put colored tape on the different groups to make things easier to administrate. I usually have the kids in each group play quarter notes on the beat as their chord comes up in the song. Many simple songs can be played in this manner, including those found in the boomwhacker book shown in the pic above. (Note, the boomwhackers can be utilized in this same way, and they can also be "mixed and matched" with the chimes as desired.) The chimes also can make a much more durable and less expensive alternative to handbells - especially when used with kids. Highly recommended.